The Benefits of Social Media

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J'Ayonna Watkins, Writer

As stated on, the number of social media users has increased by billions since 2010 and continues to grow.  Social media can be a great tool to use to interact with people all over the world who share similar interests, activities, hobbies, etc. However, due to the fact that people are taking advantage of these different platforms or apps, social media has taken a turn over the years. It allows you to see the good, bad, ugly and amazing things everyone around the world is affected by or gets to experience.  So, is it actually helping or hurting our youth?

Like anything else, social media has its pros and cons. Social networking can provide teens with support, mentally or physically, and it allows them to express themselves. Although there’s more good than bad, social media can also be unpleasant at times. It can be a huge distraction, may cause sleep deprivation, peer pressure and can portray unrealistic views of other people’s lives. According to, being an active member on social media can also expose teens to cyberbullying. Personally, I believe that social media is, and can be, a great and resourceful tool when used properly.

Are the risks related to the usage of social media in general or the amount of time spent on social media? According to, in a study taken in early 2019, they found that teens ages 12-16 who spent three or more hours a day on social media could possibly be at a higher risk of developing poor mental health. Meanwhile, other studies show that large amounts of time spent on social media can lead to depression and anxiety in teens. 

However, social media can be used for so much more than all the negative things we hear and see. It can be used to spread awareness of a cause, promote businesses, help with school and/or other issues that we’re currently facing. For example,  it can allow for people to make a name for themselves, be free and creative and showcase the best and maybe not so good aspects of life.

It also helps news to spread a lot quicker than waiting for the news on TV or to published in an article. For instance, news on Covid-19 surfaced around late February early March through  Had it not been for memes/images being reposted by peers and people in my community, I wouldn’t have been persuaded to look deeper into the disease, it’s risks, it’s origin etc.

I use social media on a daily basis to spread awareness about different diseases, conditions, sickness, etc. Not only that, but I use my platforms to help gain clientele for up-and-coming businesses such as lash, lip gloss and clothing lines whether it’s for a family member, friend or someone from another area. 

Social media is an overall great source of networking, it just needs a bit of revising to fit today’s culture. Rather than using social media for the bad, as a nation we can fix that so that social media can be used by all without the fear of becoming someone we’re not or being bullied.