BFA’s Junior Jam


Pilot Deslauriers (’22) and Emily Parent (’22) rehearse for the Junior Jam competition. Photo credit: Emily Parent

Georgia Casavant, Writer

Have you heard of Bellows Free Academy’s Junior Jam? This is a class play competition where BFA students produce a 30 minute-long show. In order to determine the winners, freshmen compete against sophomores, and juniors compete against seniors. This event is student-run as each class elects a director, finds a script, and sets up rehearsal times. 

Junior Jam gives students who may not have a theatre background the opportunity to get on stage and participate in a production with their friends. Susan Palmer, BFA’s theatre director, noted that it is great for “kids that don’t have as much time because it is way less of a time commitment than it typically would be for a play.”  

Palmer also stated that because it is “lower stakes,” it can be more fun for those who haven’t stepped on the stage before.  

In the past, in order to decide the winners, a few BFA teachers would be adjudicators and watch as the classes put on live performances. This year, however, the preparation and competition look a little different due to Covid restrictions.  

Palmer said that aside from “rehearsing completely masked and observing Covid protocols,” students will record their plays beforehand, which will then be live streamed on Friday, May 28 at 7 p.m. (link to be announced). 

Junior Jam may look different this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from tuning into the event. Check out these plays as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior BFA students compete to win.