Comet Softball’s Spring Season Update


The BFA Comet softball team. Photo credit: Messenger photographer Ruthie Laroche

Ashley Seymour, Writer

Comet softball returns for the first time since their big win in 2019. Because of Covid-19, the 2020 season was cut completely. Beginning on April 5, 2021, the state of Vermont allowed coach-led practice sessions for spring sports and began competitions on April 17, 2021.

In order to make sure all players remained safe and prevented the spread of Covid-19, it was instructed by the state of Vermont that all players, coaches, officials, staff and spectators were to wear a two-ply face covering at all times.

Despite the challenges faced this year, BFA continued to be flexible, making history. On Friday, May 7, 2021, BFA Comets celebrated their 500th win after beating Burlington, 16-0.

Coach Bert Berthiaume is “extremely pleased with the performance of [his] Comets this season [with only] 4 players with varsity experience coming into this season [and] add[ing] 12 new players.” 

Comet softball player Kylie Neveau (’22) described this moment as “a memory [she] will never forget.” 

To celebrate their big win, the Comets received 500 win t-shirts and a banner including records from all 34 years Bert Berthiaume has coached the softball team. 

Neveau said that the Comets “gave [Berthiaume] an award and a speech to show him how much [they] appreciated him for being [their] coach and how grateful [they] were to be part of his 500th win.”

As for the rest of the season, Bert Berthiaume says, “as far as playoffs go, there are no guarantees as far as wins and losses… [but they] don’t need the title to define this great group of young ladies who have made us all very proud.”