BFA’s Prom Reignites School Spirit

The bonfire at BFAs prom.  Photo credit:  Nate Archambault

The bonfire at BFA’s prom. Photo credit: Nate Archambault

Rachel Ledoux, Writer

After a year of stress and chaos, the announcement of a prom felt like a breath of fresh air for Bellows Free Academy’s juniors and seniors, and from 7:30-10:30 on June 5, that relief continued.  Students came decked out in their nicest formal wear to enjoy the very unique prom night, which was held at the Collins Perley Complex.

A tent was set up outside with a small dance floor.  Besides dancing, there was an abundance to participate in such as a corn hole toss, gift raffles, singing along to music played by a DJ, and spectating some incredible fire dancers from Cirque du Fuego. Not to mention the delicious food provided: cotton candy, cupcakes, french fries, etc.

The items raffled off were donated by community businesses and senior parents.  According to MaryEllen Tourville, who runs BFA’s student council with Nathan Archambault, “Kristin Trombley did all the work to get donations and wrap them into themed packages.  [There were] many gift cards and things like car-care items, coffee mugs, picture frames and more.  Each bag had a value of between $25-$55.00.”  

Every student The Mercury spoke to said that they had a great evening.  This attitude was more than reflected by students, many of whom liked the prom not only due to the myriad of fun activities and the lack of mask requirements but also because of the format. One prom-goer explained that “The space [wa]s less cramped.” 

The highlight of the evening, however, was the bonfire that contributed to the prom’s theme:  fire. “The [St. Albans Town] fire department was amazing…They burned over 100 pallets and extended their ladder with blue lights,” Tourville said.

Almost every student there went to observe the bonfire.  “It was super exciting,” one student said. “That wasn’t something that we would’ve seen at the usual prom.  It felt special.”

The day after prom, Tourville reflected on the night:  “The students had so much energy and excitement last night. I felt our BFA spirit back.”