BFA’s Class of 2021 Parade and Day at the Bay


BFA seniors partake in games at St. Albans Bay, following the senior car parade. Photo credit: Dino Patsouris

Ashley Seymour, Writer

With Covid-19 taking a toll on the class of 2021’s junior and senior year, it was extra important to make sure they had a week to celebrate their accomplishments. Bellows Free Academy’s senior week included activities such as a car parade down to the St. Albans Bay, pizza in Taylor Park, the Spirit of Ethan Allen Cruise, a movie night at the Complex, etc., all leading up to graduation.

Senior week began strong with a car parade down to St. Albans Bay on June 7, 2021. Seniors had the opportunity to park on campus before decorating their cars. 

According to Emma Trainer (’21), students decorated with “window markers, streamers, balloons, BFA signs, and anything else people brought to show school spirit.”

Upon arriving at St. Albans Bay, there was food and activities for students to enjoy.  Class president Thomas Remillard (’21) said they “had fried dough and snowcones, played spike ball, volleyball, and basketball, played with mini horses and had blowup jousting.”

Remillard added, “[My favorite] moment from the Bay day was when I got to joust Mr. Jackson. It was a tough battle, [Mr. Jackson] won one round, and I won one round, [calling] it a draw.”

As for Trainer, she “got a snowcone and played lawn games,” with her favorite part of the day being “watch[ing] everyone play and just hang out as a class.”

Will this event become a BFA tradition for future classes to partake in?  Trainer “think[s] everyone should experience” the parade and the Bay day, and Remillard stated it was an overall “good event…that was a good way to get [the] community involved.”