BFA Homecoming Preview 2021


Aerial view of BFA’s football field. Photo credit: Dino Patsouris

Cassidy Audette, Contributor

With Covid-19 being a huge factor in school, the Bellows Free Academy student body is all probably wondering, how much will it affect our beloved homecoming?

What really is homecoming, and why is it so important? According to Student Council Advisor Nate Archambault, “It’s important because it sets the tone for the school year.” Homecoming is a traditional event that’s held at many schools. It gives alumni a chance to come “home” and revisit what they love about their school. For current students, homecoming is a week-long event with tons of activities. For example, the football game, or the parade and even the pep rally. 

Spirit Week is another activity that BFA has during the week of homecoming. Students can show their school spirit by participating.

This year, the first day of spirit week will be Sept. 27. The theme will begin with American tradition day on Monday. The 28th is tropical Tuesday. Wednesday’s theme is support-a-cause day, by wearing an article of clothing that supports a good cause. Thursday’s theme is class colors. If you are unaware of your class color, ask your advisor. The day of homecoming, Friday, Oct. 1, is green and gold day. 

So what is BFA’s homecoming going to look like this year with Covid playing a part? On homecoming day there is usually a pep rally that takes place in the gymnasium. Each class gets together to play games and participate in races. But as we all know, being in an enclosed space with lots of people is a one-way ticket to Covid cases spiking. Because of that, the student council decided to have the pep rally outside this year.

The planning process itself hasn’t been affected by Covid as much as one may think. “It has been almost the same with the understanding that things could change,” Archambault said. 

Archambault noted that almost every class has come up with their theme, which is kept secret until the pep rally begins. Also, traditional events that take place throughout homecoming week still have to be planned out more. However, Archambault says the council is hoping that regulations won’t prevent them from doing the usual.

According to Archambault, the amount of planning is progressing well, and there is a student who volunteered palettes for the bonfire that takes place right after the homecoming football game. 

Heading back to the original question, how different will homecoming be this year from how it usually is? Well, that’s really up to the Bellows Free Academy school community. No matter how different it may be, it’s up to the student body to react in a positive way and to enjoy homecoming even if everything is a bit out of the ordinary. 

Archambault’s advice? “Get involved, ride the float, dress up! I guarantee you’re going to have a good time if you commit to having a good time.”