NAHS Gets Spooky


Trick-or-Treating bags made by NAHS. Photo credit: Dee Christie

Roxanne Thayer, Contributor

Bellows Free Academy’s National Arts Honor Society (NAHS) students and advisor, Dee Christie, have been working hard to provide trick-or-treat bags for trick-or-treaters to use at this year’s St. Albans “Spooky Saturday” downtown Halloween event. 

About twenty NAHS students at Bellows Free Academy (BFA) worked with Outerknown, a new recycled clothing store downtown, to create bags for trick-or-treaters to use for the downtown trick-or-treating storefronts hold every year.  The bags are free. 

When asked what the bags will be used for, NAHS Co-President, Aylah Vickery (‘22) said, “NAHS is doing the bags for trick-or-treaters… children will get the bags during downtown trick-or-treating, and we hope to see some of our bags on Halloween night as the kids trick-or-treat.”

Outerknown is a clothing company that makes clothing out of recycled material to help reduce fabric that ends up in wastelands.  Outerknown gave NAHS recycled t-shirts to use to help create designs for these bags. Outerknown sewed the shirts into the bags, and then NAHS carved designs into linoleum stamps and pressed them into the shirts. NAHS gave the bags back to Outerknown to be dispersed to the kids.

“People can [pick up] our bags downtown at Rail City Market.  Our target audience is kids, but if you’re interested in doing your part to help eliminate waste, using our reusable bags is a small way to support a business dedicated to recycling and upcycling fabrics,” Vickery said. 

If you or your family is attending this year’s Halloween downtown event, stop by Rail City Market and grab a bag or two crafted by NAHS.