Tech Troubles


Photo credit: Kim Woodworth

Emily Hayden, Contributor

According to Bellows Free Academy’s IT Support Specialist and Help Desk Support provider Kim Woodworth, over 60 computer chargers have gone missing at BFA since the start of the school year. Woodworth is seeking alternative ways to help students charge their devices. 

Kim Woodworth is a part of the Technology Department at BFA and helps with supplying students with chargers and computers. At the beginning of the school year, every student was supplied with a charger and computer. Since then, chargers have gone missing.

“It’s a matter of convenience,” Woodworth said. She added, “Students don’t charge their computers, and they get a new one, but never return the one they borrowed,” Woodworth explained. 

According to Woodworth, if a student needed a charger, it used to be that they would go and get a new charger to charge their computer, and they were supposed to bring it back. Now, if a student needs a new charger, the Tech Department supplies them with a charged computer, and the Tech Department charges the student’s old one. Then, students must bring the borrowed one back to get their original computer. 

“It is a financial burden [to not have devices and equipment returned], and we [BFA] are hoping that it is just a matter of convenience, and the problem will be resolved soon,” Woodworth said. 

Woodworth said that suggestions from students, faculty and staff on how to fix this problem are helpful and would be appreciated.