Climate Change

Photo credit:

Jakob Birnbaum, Contributor

This poem was created from an assignment in Susan Palmer’s vocabulary class.

Where is the land we used to circumnavigate?

It seems like Mother Nature played a cruel fate.

In its place was trash as far as I could see. 

It seems the land has disappeared into the sea.


What has happened, where has it gone? 

Did it go for a walk, with a Mr. Sean?

We need to negate this problem before it’s too late.

Or else we will be subject to Mother Nature’s watery fate.


We have done many tasks to preserve our biosphere,

But we need to do more or else we won’t be able to live here.

Our world will be vacuous and empty.

The leaders need to have their epiphany.


Climate change is deleterious to our planet.

Stop causing harm to it, Janet.

Instead of worrying about the Pandemic, 

We need to be more idealistic.


We need to abrogate carbon emissions.

That is our mission.

Instead of having contrasting views on everything 

let’s unite against this deadly thing.