“The Christmas Chronicles 2” Review


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/christmas-christmas-movie-3014390/

Teresa Collins, Contributor

A sequel to “The Christmas Chronicles,” “The Christmas Chronicles 2(2020) is about an elf, turned human, who is set out to ruin Christmas. 

The character, Kate, declares she is going to run away from her mother, Claire, and Claire’s boyfriend, Bob, in Mexico. But when she attempts to run away, she and Bob’s son, Jack, end up on the North Pole. Little do they know they will have to overcome challenges in order to help Santa and Mrs. Claus save Christmas for the kids all around the world.  

The film is directed by Chris Columbus and written by both Chris Columbus and Matt Lieberman. A few of the main actors in this movie are Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus and Darby Camp as Kate. A few other key actors and actresses who appear in this film are Julian Dennison as Belsnickel, Jahzir Bruno as Jack and Judah Lewis who returned from the first film to play Kate’s older brother Teddy.

Belsnickel, an elf who was turned human due to his breaking of the elves’ code, tracks down Katie because she’s a true believer. Teddy and Katie are at the beach, and Katie is not happy about it because she still misses her dad and doesn’t want Bob, her mom’s boyfriend, to replace him. She wants to be at home where there is snow, and she can do all the fun things she is usually able to do. She asks Santa to get her out of Mexico; Belsnickel overhears her and grants her wish. 

As she is on her way out, Belsnickel poses as an employee to get her in his golf cart saying he can take her to the airport, but what they don’t know is Jack snuck in on the back. Belsnickel takes a “shortcut” through the woods, and when Kate and Jack are arguing, he throws them through a wormhole. They end up in the North Pole, but Santa finds them and saves them just in time. He takes them to the village, and Mrs. Claus makes them her special hot chocolate to warm them up. Havoc breaks out all across Santa’s Village, all starting with Jola the Yule Cat attacking Dasher, one of Santa’s famous reindeer.

Overall, “Christmas Chronicles 2” was a wonderful Christmas movie. I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end because it really makes you realize the meaning of Christmas while also keeping you entertained. The movie was interesting, and I liked the action. This movie was written well. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good Christmas movie to watch this holiday season. You can find this movie on Netflix.