BFA’s Newest Attendance Monitor: Ashley Geraw


Ashley Geraw

Jacob Holmes, Writer

This year, Bellows Free Academy welcomed Ashley Geraw into the fold as their newest attendance monitor. She is tasked with keeping track of what students are present at the school.

“The bigger picture is to make sure that all of our students here are accounted for when they are supposed to be,” Geraw said.

Geraw grew up as a Vermonter and now has a family of her own.

“I was born and raised in Vermont where I am now raising my own three kids: Mason (15), Madison (13) and Mathieu (11).  They keep me really busy with their hobbies and sports.  [With] my boyfriend, Ryan, I’ve also got a “bonus kiddo” Jameson, who is 4. There is never a dull moment in our lives, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Geraw said.

Before starting at BFA, Geraw accrued experience working with young children.

“Most of my background is based around preschool-aged children, so this is a huge but welcome change for me,” Geraw said.

As for education, Geraw is still pursuing a degree and is confident she will achieve her goals.

“I am currently still working on my degree in child/adolescent development. I will get there eventually,” Geraw said. 

Sticking with the theme of working with younger children, Geraw’s most recent job consisted of educating kids within the first five years of age.

 “I was teaching at a local center; the age group ranged from six weeks to 5 years old,” Geraw said.

Geraw was drawn to BFA because she felt like it would be a great fit for her, and the convenient schedule was the cherry on top.

“The opportunity just seemed right at the right time. I enjoy being on the same schedule as my children, and this job allows me to do so. I also thoroughly understand the importance of attendance in children, particularly in their adolescent years, and I’d like to help support students and their families in any way that I can to make sure that students are getting the most and best out of their education as possible,” Geraw said.

Geraw admits that, like most people in a new job, she was nervous initially.

But being nervous didn’t last too long,” Geraw said

Currently, Geraw is enjoying her time at BFA and meeting plenty of new people

“It is going very well. I am enjoying meeting staff and students every day; there are a lot of people to get to know around here,” Geraw said.