BFA’s Student Council Winter Spirit Week

BFAs Student Council Winter Spirit Week

Emily Hayden, Writer

Dec. 15-Dec. 22 Bellows Free Academy’s Student Council will be hosting a winter spirit week. 

The schedule has been posted at BFA as follows:

Wednesday 12/15- Green and gold spirit

Thursday 12/16- Crazy hat/hair day-Deck yourself up with festive hats and hair with all your classmates!

Friday 12/17-Flannel Friday-Dress warm and hearty to end the school week

Monday 12/20-Class Colors Day-




                           Seniors- White

                           Staff-Multicolor/Tie Dye

Tuesday 12/21- Tropical Tuesday- Forget the cold and bring some warmth!

Wednesday 12/22- Wacky Sweater Wednesday-The wackier, the better!  Have fun as we head to the break!

Spirit week is a great way to celebrate the upcoming break and to unite students as a school and bring a little holiday cheer to the next few cold months. By participating in spirit week, students can show support for their school and challenge friends to see who can have the most elaborate outfits. There is an assembly after winter break to celebrate spirit week and to see which grade dressed up the most.

If you have any questions about spirit week, please reach out to BFA’s Student Council advisors MaryEllen Tourville or Nate Archambault.