“The Polar Express” Movie Review


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Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scottrsmith/49224376132

Georgia Casavant, Writer

“The Polar Express” was first written by Chris Van Allsburg, and was turned into a film directed by Robert Zemeckis in 2004.

The movie takes place on Christmas Eve and captures the true spirit of Christmas with themes of belief, love and friendship.

In this movie, a group of children gather on a train and make the ultimate journey to the North Pole. There, they discover the truth behind Christmas when they meet Santa and his elves. 

While undergoing many obstacles the main character, Hero Boy, is awarded the first gift of Christmas, a silver bell from Santa’s Sleigh. Unfortunately, the bell falls out of Hero Boy’s pocket before he gets back on the train.

Hero Boy returns home and wakes in the morning to open his last present from Santa, the silver bell that fell out of his pocket. 

Later on, Hero Boy discovers the bell only rings for those who truly believe in the spirit of Christmas. While the bell falls silent for some, Hero Boy continues to hear it for the rest of his life. 

Overall, the Polar Express is a heartwarming film. I watch this movie every year on one of the days leading up to Christmas. I am always impressed by the soundtrack which is filled with many classic singalongs and the beautiful scenery effects.

 Personally, my favorite part of the film is when the Northern Lights appear above the train; the colors are phenomenal. A close second is the scene where the children get hot chocolate and everyone is happily singing.

Robert Zemeckis’ style is perfect for children and families. I definitely recommend everyone to watch this classic Christmas movie.