“Legends Never Die” Album Review


Andrew Jones

Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Juice_Wrld_performs_at_the_InField_Fest_at_the_2019_Preakness_on_May_18,_2019.jpg

Brayden Griffin, Contributor

Legends Never Die” was the first posthumous album from Juice WRLD. This album features a lot of songs that had been leaked, so this album was very exciting to see when it came out.

The album includes songs such as “Blood On My Jeans,” “Wishing Well” and “Up Up and Away.” What is most impressive about this album is that most of it is freestyle. Juice had a knack for making music, and this album is a great representation of his talent.

“Blood on my Jeans” is one of my favorite Juice songs. This song was unreleased before the album came out. The guitar riff playing in repeat throughout the song is very catchy, and the way that Juice vocalizes in the background makes the song sound angelic. The contrast between the light and melodic guitar riff and the hard bass that comes in makes the instrumental beautiful to listen to. 

Juice was great at making catchy music that stuck, and he struck another hit with “Wishing Well.” “Wishing Well,” one of the highest-rated, and most popular songs off the album, is not to be skipped. The piano melody and the lyrics Juice decides to use make this song very powerful. This song goes into depth about drug addiction. Juice suffered from drug abuse and he expresses how he was feeling in this song. “This is the part where I tell you I’m fine, but I’m lying, I just don’t want you to worry. This is the part where I take all my feelings and hide them because I don’t want nobody to hurt me.” This quote from the song sticks with me because it shows that he wants help, but he feels like a pain to everybody else. 

Juice was a master of his craft, and he had mastered the skill of making music. He would make upwards of ten songs a day and by the time of his death, his music bank had reached over 2,000 songs. Fans have been searching for all of the unreleased songs they can get their hands on and this next song was one of them. “Up Up and Away” is another slower song, but it gives off good vibes. It has what sounds to be a ukelele playing a catchy riff. Even though the song’s lyrics are a bit sad and dark, the song is still uplifting because of how it sounds.

The passing of Juice WRLD took a toll on the rap community because of how talented he was. There are countless interviews of rappers sharing their thoughts about what kind of guy Juice was and all are positive, but another reason it was so sad was how young he was. He died just under a week after his 21st birthday. For being so young, he made a name for himself that will live on. The name of the album holds. Legends Never Die.