Should a College Education be Free?

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Katelynn Wilson, Contributor

With many careers nowadays requiring you to have a college degree the debate is whether or not college education should be free or not. I believe that a college education should be free because not everyone can afford it, and it can put limits on someone’s career dreams, leading them to not be happy. 

One reason I believe college should be free is that it creates better futures for not only the person going through college but also the people it will benefit from in the future. If college was free, then many more people would be able to get a job that requires a college degree that they may not be able to pay for. 

Although some may argue that financial aid is already offered, many students that attend college still come out with debt that totals up to $37,000. This leaves these students limited to what they can have when coming out of college.  

Another reason college should be free is that it opens up opportunities for others that can not afford college. With college being free, it will open up many opportunities for people who cannot afford college but want to do the job of their dreams that requires a college education. This will also open up more opportunities to the work field as well as there won’t be as many shortages in some work fields. 

Due to Covid-19, there have also been many more staff shortages within work fields. For example, in the medical field, there have been many shortages of staff. If college were free before Covid-19, began there would be many more medical workers and there would not be a shortage of staff. 

If college were free, then we would be a lot smarter as a whole. We would have bigger and better medical breakthroughs, larger economic advances and many more big impacts in work fields that require a higher education. 

All in all, college should be free. This would make us a lot stronger and smarter as an economy and as a whole.