Fight for Gender Equality!

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Georgia Casavant, Writer

Do you consider yourself a feminist? If not, why?

The first acts of feminism occurred as early as the 1850s when leaders spoke at the Seneca Falls Convention to advocate for women’s suffrage. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were two key activists in this movement and were some of the most influential leaders in the women’s rights movement. 

Everyone should become an activist for women’s rights and gender equality!

Did you know that progress towards gender equality has remained about the same since 2015? It is important that we continue to take strides towards gender equality so we can lessen the gap between men and women. With your help, we may be able to eliminate sexism which would help our society grow immensely. 

Some people have a misconception about feminism and believe it sends the message that women are better than men. However, the goal of feminism is to create gender equality for men and women. We cannot focus on gender equality until we talk about sexism and realize that for all of history women have been discriminated against. 

As young women grow to be the leaders of the future, we need to inspire them to take action and stand up for themselves. Injustice will not go away until injustice is called out. The best leader is one who leads by example. Everyone needs to take action in order to create a more accepting society for young girls who aspire to accomplish their dreams. 

Everyone needs to stand up and fight for gender equality!

Think about a woman in your life who you care about and ask yourself, would you want her to be treated differently because of her gender?