An Extraordinary Season for Comet Hockey


Photo credit: Messenger photographer Ari Beauregard

Rachel Needleman, Writer

The BFA Comets have made for an unforgettable season by winning the 2022 State Championship, becoming the first undefeated team in Bellows Free Academy girls’ hockey. 

This past Monday, the Comets met Spaulding High School at the Gutterson Fieldhouse to battle for the Division 1 State Champion title. After a tough battle with Spaulding, the Comets were left with the win and a perfect undefeated season. 

For Comet Captain Sophie Zemianiak (’22), it was “one of the best feelings [she’s] ever had.”  Zemianek said she “owes it to every single girl on the team for [leaving] their hearts in the [different] roles they play, giving it everything they had [and for that] being rewarded in the end.” 

Head Coach Luke Coiffi shared how this perfect season was possible for the team: “The girls worked really hard on and off the ice, working hard to become a team and support each other and be the very best team they could be by the end of the season.”

Assistant Coach Jeff Rouleau added how “The group as a whole was willing to work hard and make sacrifices in working towards our goal of winning the last game of the year.” 

Assistant Captain Rowan Howrigan (’23) also reflected on the season stating “We all took on the challenges we faced and managed to tackle them without suffering any losses.”

Some challenges faced were harder than others.  Comet Drew Ducolon (’23) was forced to sit out and miss nine games due to a broken collarbone. Ducolon mentioned how “It was really hard going from playing every game to not at all, [but she is] so proud of the girls and how it took a lot more determination and grit than most realize.” 

Even from the beginning of the year, Zemianiak said she “knew that we had this, from seeing the other girls’ heart for the game, drive and determination they put into practices.”

Howrigan, who will follow in Zemianiak’s footsteps as a senior captain next year, said: “This feeling we all have from the season will be motivating and a push in the right direction for next season.”

Assistant Coach Chelsea Forsyth (’14), who was a Comet herself, said “We’ve only been out of hockey for two days and I already miss it.”

Forsyth added how the Comets can build upon next season since “[They]set the bar so high,” stating “We need to carry our relentless effort into next season and continue to build on the positive energy, supporting each other, and keep believing in ourselves, the team and community.”