Where did the Bells Go?


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/vectors/christmas-bell-decoration-6190563/

Mackenzie Chamberlain, Contributor

Bellows Free Academy students may have been wondering what has been causing the high-pitched ringing, spotty transmission and all-out screeching of BFA’s intercoms.  

BFA’s Director of Facilities, Leonard Smith, was interviewed by The Mercury about the current issues with the intercoms, and what is being done to fix them.

Our previous system was working for some time, but why did it suddenly stop? According to Smith, it was due to, “Equipment failure due to overloading, and faulty or crossed wiring.” 

Also, the installation of more speakers didn’t have the right support for long-time use.  “At some point, there were additional speakers added causing overloading and cross-wiring between amplifiers,” Smith said. 

According to Smith, after an extended period of time, this wore out the transmission quality, and overall speaker quality, causing them to malfunction.

Currently, Smith said that they are working on a more permanent, and streamlined, solution for the future.

“Installation of a new system will start over April break and continue over the summer and be completed before school in August,” Smith said. He added that the previous system needs to be rewired and updated, and certain speakers do need to be replaced.

There is hope for BFA’s announcements after all.