Find the Perfect Dress for Free


Teresa Collins, Contributor

On May 4 from 8-9 a.m. there will be an event held in the Bellows Free Academy’s guidance conference room to get free attire for prom. They will have a variety of attire including dresses, shoes, men’s button-down shirts, slacks and suit jackets. According to Ashlie Czelatka who is a social worker in BFA’s guidance office and the one coordinating the event, they have about 30 dresses, 20 button-down shirts and about 5 suits.

Czelatka said anything students pick out is to keep, and everything at this event is free. Czelatka shared that this is the second year she has organized this event, and it was created with the intention to help students have a stress-free prom experience.

“Many students experience financial stress or don’t have the time to run to a store and find something to wear; this event is eliminating that barrier for everyone,” Czelatka said.  

Czelatka added, “My goal here isn’t to have all the clothes picked up.  My goal is to help the students who need it feel like they can pick out something they love and feel good in and have a prom night to remember. So if that means one person comes to pick out a suit or dress, then it’s totally worth it.” 

According to Czelatka, the attire was donated by the community, which she said is “a wonderful resource and support[s] this event.” She also said they receive many donations by word of mouth.

“It’s really awesome to see everyone come together and support our BFA students,” Czelatka said.

She explained that at the event everything will be hung up and laid out in the conference room for, hopefully, an easy and stress-free experience. Students will be allowed to try things on in the restroom before committing to the attire.