An Editor’s Goodbye-Brooke Holland (’22)

Brooke Holland (22)

Brooke Holland (’22)

Brooke Holland, Editor

I joined The Mercury in the beginning of my junior year. We had just gone back to school after having a six month long Covid-19 break from in person school, and with the hybrid schedule, I thought “why not?” since I would have so much free time. 

My very first article was a profile piece on a new teacher, which I genuinely had fun writing. However, my favorite article I wrote between last year and now is BFA’s Archive Project. This was one of the first articles I had produced that went on to be published in The Messenger; I even kept a hard copy of the newspaper it’s in! 

At times it was difficult to stick to my article deadlines due to a multitude of reasons, but I always persevered no matter how hard my surrounding life got. 

I recommend taking the journalism class or joining the club if you are interested in expressing your voice through a new way of writing. 

Also, I hope that one day my younger sister, Karli, joins the staff and writes articles just like I did. 

Being a member of BFA’s school newspaper has taught me so much in terms of writing, time management and the community. 

I will take the lessons I learned from The Mercury with me through life. 

Thank you to everyone.