BFA’s Summer Academy Breakout and Summer School Classes 2022

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Cooper O'Connell, Writer

“These are great opportunities,” said Sorel Chaput when asked about the summer programs going on at Bellows Free Academy.

Chaput, BFA’s 504 coordinator is one of the organizers BFA’s Academy Breakout 2022, along with the summer school classes BFA will be offering after graduation.

According to Chaput, these programs are free and available for all students currently attending BFA.

“The summer enrichments are a fun opportunity for students to get together, along with being able to try something different,” Chaput said.

She added that there are many different options for enrichments over the summer. Some options include Art and the Outdoors, a Justice and Poetry Event and a Digital Media Smorgasbord. There is even an SAT prep course hosted by BFA science teacher Kristin Corrigan, which usually costs money, but this summer is free of charge. Another educational enrichment program being offered this summer is a College Essay Writing course. This course is helpful for anyone looking to obtain scholarships.  Lunch is provided at no cost to students during the Academy Breakout events.

“The summer school is a great opportunity for students to recover credits so that they enter next year in better shape. They are able to recover multiple credits, some of which they might not have passed otherwise,” Chaput said.

According to Chaput, these classes are designed to help students that are close to proficiency, but are just not there yet. Some options are Health Warriors, which is to recover a health credit or a physical education credit, Lake Champlain Studies, which is aimed to help students recover a biology credit or an earth science credit and Local History, which is a class that can help students recover an American Experience credit or a Global Citizenship credit. Students are only eligible to take the summer classes if they are below proficiency.

“You can sign up for as much or as few as you want. It is all up to the student. That is the best part about these programs,” Chaput said. For any questions about the summer programs, reach out to Sorel Chaput at: [email protected]