Stylist Valerie Longe on Prom Hair 2022

Alayna Carpenters prom hairstyle 2022
Photo credit: Alayna Carpenter

Alayna Carpenter’s prom hairstyle 2022 Photo credit: Alayna Carpenter

My mom, Valerie Longe, is a stylist and owner of Everything Grows Salon on Kingman Street, St. Albans.

As a high school junior, I went to prom. My mom did my hair, obviously, and she did others too. This year I decided to get extensions and do a long curly ponytail down my back.

This article is an interview with Longe.

The Mercury“What is it like this year doing prom hair?”

Longe:  “It is always super fun doing prom hair, but this year was the first time in a while it felt like a real prom again.” 

The Mercury“How was this year different from previous years?”

Longe:  “Two years ago there was no prom, and last year it wasn’t a normal prom so no girls really got their hair done.”

The Mercury“Do other girls that work at the salon do prom hair too?”

Longe:  “Yes, only a couple other girls were doing some prom hair.” 

The Mercury“How has Covid affected the past years of doing hair for prom?”

Longe:  “Covid has made every part of the job difficult, not only prom but in the past two years there wasn’t any hair to do for prom until this year, which felt almost completely normal.” 

The Mercury: “What sort of styles are in right now?”

Longe:  “Up-dos and half-up styles are popular and lots and lots of braids incorporated in the styles.”

The Mercury“What styles used to be popular?”

Longe:  “Fuller styles used to be more popular. Mostly everyone’s hair was all up with big barrel curls or high stacking curls.”

Prom was so fun for everyone, even the hairstylist couldn’t wait to get back to normal