2022 Bobwhite Lax Playoff Primer


Photo credit: https://www.samessenger.com/sports/bobwhite-lacrosse-wins-the-ground-and-the-game-against-mmu-cougars/article_5fa14732-d472-11ec-8886-4f42a4ca4eb1.html

Michel Telfer, Contributor

The Bellows Free Academy Bobwhites lacrosse come into the 2022 playoffs as the number 7 seed at 5-9 as they will fly down to Burr and Burton Academy (15-1) on June 2 for a quarterfinal matchup. All year there has been a missing piece to the Bobwhites game, whether it is the offense going cold, incomplete passes, defensive breakdowns or special teams problems. However, if the Bobwhites can string together 48 minutes of solid lacrosse, the roster has the athleticism and talent to pull off the upset. 

The biggest key to success for this matchup is a solid defense for 48 minutes.  The Bulldogs have been known this season for their stud attackman as their offense essentially runs through their attackman. If BFA’s defenders can shut them down and push transition throughout the game, then it will be up to BFA’s offense to produce and win.

Any dirty bird midfield or attack can step up offensively to provide goals that will be vitally needed in this matchup, but the three players that have produced the most thus far are Sylas Trask (’22) and Ezra Lanfear (’22) on attack and midfielder Noah Earl (’23). 

BFA and BBA haven’t seen each other this year, causing a highly anticipated matchup. BFA’s five wins were against MMU, BHS, Woodstock and Rutland. Burr and Burton have beaten every team on their schedule except for CVU.

The Bobwhites need to play to their full potential Thursday afternoon and play the way they are capable of playing.  If that is the case, then an upset is possible.

Trask spoke on what the Bobwhites need to do in order to win, “The key to winning this game is really good defense and our attack stepping up and scoring goals. If we play the way I know we can, we can win this game.”

The winner of Thursday’s game will play next week against the winner of South Burlington vs. Woodstock.