NCTC Digital Media Students Prepare for the Northwest Nightmares Film Festival

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Brendan Conley, Contributor

The Northwest Nightmares Film Festival happens every year around this time. Tons of local horror enthusiasts and producers get together to make 1-10 minute long films for the festival in hopes of claiming first place. 

In 2021 the Digital Media class of the NCTC (Northwest Career Technical Center) submitted two films for the festival, “Shutter and “Static. Shutter ended up winning an honorable mention award.

However, when Asher Ballantine (‘23), one of the directors of the film being produced this year, was asked what his opinion was of these previous two films, he said he was rather disappointed with their work from last year. 

Instead of having the two different classes work on separate films, this year Asher Ballantine said he is coordinating with the Afternoon Digital Media class to make a film together. 

When asked about this collaboration, he said, “It is very difficult to produce a combined film from two different production groups.”

Referring to each group making a separate film for their own submissions, Ballantine added,“I personally am confident we would have a better, stronger and frankly easier to produce film if it was a single production.”

Despite this, he noted that it’s “fun to work with everyone, mainly for the social experience.”

When asked when the film would be available to watch, Ballantinehe stated that the “Film will hopefully be done and ready by Oct. 14.”  It is likely that the film will be available to watch around this time period on the NCTC Digital Media Youtube channel. It is also possible that, like last year, students may be able to see the film in the PAC during an Enrichment period.