Gettin’ Groovy with BFA’s New Record Club

The Record Club
Photo credit: Penelope Noza

The Record Club Photo credit: Penelope Noza

Mackenzie Smith, Writer

BFA has a groovy Record Club that meets after school on Tuesdays in the Hideaway from 3-4:30 p.m.

According to the Record Club adviser, Dino Patsouris, who is also the Outreach Coordinator for Northwest Technical and Career Center, it originally started as a homework club with hot chocolate and coffee, and it slowly developed into a Record Club after Patsouris brought a record player and a few records in.

“I’d bring in the record player and set it up. We would listen to like an album or two, and then kids started to bring in their own records, so we started calling it Record Club,” Patsouris said.

He said that the amount of members varies each week varying from 2-12.

When asked why the Record Club is an important club for BFA to have, Charlotte Pierce (’23) said, “I think its an important club to have because we don’t have that large of a music community at BFA other than band and chorus. There are a lot of people interested in music but they aren’t interested in band or chorus; they are more of general music listeners and this club allows them to just listen and enjoy music.” 

According to Patsouris, at Record Club, students can look at old forms of music and technology as well as hang out with peers and drink hot chocolate and coffee. Patsouris said that he wanted to give kids something to do after school when they are free. They can just come in and out as they please.

He said, “It’s another nice option for kids to do their homework and stay warm in the winter.” What they do each week varies from just winding down after school to even making mix tapes. Patsouris also mentioned that sometimes there is bread. 

Patsouris said that if you want to join the Record Club, you just need to show up. You don’t even have to own your own records; they accept all formats of music except for Sound Cloud.

“We can do tapes, records and CDs,” Patsouris said. If you enjoy listening to music or just need to do something after school, then you, too, can join the Record Club.