“Boredom” and “Sky” by Shakia Ludlam (’26)

Shakia Ludlam, Contributor


Boredom is a killer,

It surely will plague your soul,

You may long for a thriller,

And you may long for control.


You cannot cajole boredom,

And you may be filled with woe,

There is always something exciting,


You just have to know,

How to find it,

And it could save your soul.

Even though;

Boredom is a killer,

So can be a thriller.


Someone has to sweep the moon,

Someone has to polish the stars,

Someone has to repaint the night sky–

It’s looking pretty dull.

The moon is looking pretty dusty–

Hasn’t been cleaned in ages.

The stars have lost their glimmer,

Their shine,

Their shimmer.

The night sky is peeling

Like bark from a tree–

The dark violet,



Is fading.

What a scene!

Someone has to sweep the moon,

Somebody has to polish the stars,

The night sky needs to be repainted,

They’re looking pretty dull.

Who will take this job?

Who will brave the dark?

Does anyone care about the creatures of the skies

That roam the world

In the night?