Leah Fitzgerald (‘24): A Representative for the Student Population


Leah Fitzgerald (’24)

River Dalley, Writer

When assembling a school board, it is essential to include student voices in decision-making in order to assure student happiness within the community. Bellows Free Academy students have been given this opportunity.  The Mercury talked to BFA student representative Leah Fitzgerald (‘24) about her role on the school board, who she works with and why she took on the position.

As a student representative, Fitzgerald said she attends meetings once a week, in which she communicates with the school board about students’ wants and needs.

“I go in and give a student report of what’s been going on in BFA,” Fitzgerald said.  She added, “I’m supposed to be representing… the aura of the school.”

Fitzgerald said she works with BFA principal Brett Blanchard and Maple Run Unified School District Superintendent Bill Kimball.

“[Kimball] helps me a ton,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said her interest in being on the school board began with her goals as a part of BFA’s Social Justice Club.

“I was trying really hard to get [the] Black Lives Matter flag raised,” Fitzgerald said.

According to Fitzgerald, she, among other students, went to the school board to address this issue. Blanchard then approached Fitzgerald, as well as two other students, and asked them if they would be willing to be student representatives. After policies to admit students to the school board were passed, Fitzgerald found herself taking on her new role as a student representative.

“[It takes] lots of dedication, but I really like it,” Fitzgerald said.