Corrigan Welcomes Baby Girl


Harvie Corrigan Photo credit: Katie Leclerc

Mackenzie Smith, Writer

Kristin Corrigan, a Bellows Free Academy science teacher, has recently given birth to a baby girl. Corrigan said that the baby was named Harvie after her grandfather. When she was born, Harvie only weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces and was 19 inches tall. 

Corrigan shared that despite Harvie causing everyone to switch bedrooms, all of her kids have been helpful with the baby and fighting over who gets to hold her. The family has been adapting well to having a new baby, and almost everyone is willing to change Harvie’s diapers.

“Having a new baby around has been good because I have so many helpers,” Corrigan said.

So far, Harvie has had to spend many weekends in cold hockey rinks. “Harvie has no choice but to be easygoing because everyone is old enough to be involved, so she has to be used to everyone being on the go,” Corrigan said. 

Corrigan said she does plan to return for the 23-24 school year and will keep Harvie home with a nanny and her cousin who is just one year older than her. By then, Harvie will already be 8 months old, so it should be easier to leave her at home.