“Pay it forward”- Vicki Isham Shares Her Heartfelt Story of Love

Vicki Isham
Courtesy photo

Vicki Isham Courtesy photo

Hannah Branon, Contributor

Vicki Isham is a local florist and business owner of Howard’s The Flower Shop, works at Heald Funeral Home and is a board member at Martha’s Community Kitchen

Isham says one of her main goals through her work, ¨[is] wanting to give someone peace and joy, which may be missing from their lives.¨

The Mercury recently sat down with Isham to find out more about how her work impacts our community and the meaning behind her beautiful bouquets. 

Grounded Roots 

 In addition to flowers, Isham said she grows her own produce on her small, family-owned farm- which is also where Howard’s The Flower Shop is located. She said that this passion for growing her own produce spawned from her childhood and always being surrounded by gardens. 

Isham began her career in the floral department when she took over Howard’s The Flower Shop. 

“I have always been a ‘pay it forward’ person,” Isham said. 

When asked how she pays it forward, Isham said with a smile,”I figure out different ways that I can help people and the community.” 

Sharing the Love 

Isham said she strives to share the love by providing custom-made flowers for any occasion. Her work is seen through Martha’s Community Kitchen, where she uses older flowers from Price Chopper to provide the Kitchen with centerpieces. 

In the summertime, Isham said that she provides the Kitchen with fresh vegetables grown in her gardens. Although her main tasks at the Kitchen are fundraising, she often cooks and prepares food. 

Her work at the funeral home is a little different than at the Kitchen. Here, she said she most often provides sympathy flowers. These flowers, Isham said, “[bring] a feeling that someone cares. Someone loves you.” 

Isham creates bouquets to go around caskets or even at the base of the casket. She described these flowers as “peaceful” and “comforting” during a time of grief. 

Before finding care in flowers, Isham said she worked as a nurse. Prior to earning her degree in nursing, she worked as an EMT and Patient Care Technician in our community. 

Isham said “flowers provided me a way into helping people and giving back, without being a nurse.”

“I just want to help people,” Isham said.