Ward (‘23) Keeps It Clean

Orion Ward (23)

Orion Ward (’23)

River Dalley, Writer

When they aren’t attending school, Orion Ward (‘23) works for Bellows Free Academy as a custodian. The Mercury sat down with them to discuss their role within the Maple Run community, and why they wanted to enter the custodian profession in the first place. 

Ward is currently a full-time high school senior and part-time high school custodian working for BFA. 

Their part-time job isn’t their first rodeo with BFA, however; they attended school there for three years before transferring to The Lighthouse, an alternative high school across the road from BFA, for their senior year. 

“I have three years of experience at BFA,” Ward said. “Now I’m just a spectator.” 

When asked about the process of becoming a custodian at BFA, Ward said their main reason for applying was that the position seemed like an “interesting job” to them. It also helped that their friends, recent BFA graduates Andrew Weinstein (‘22) and Jacob Munn (‘22), worked as custodians as well. 

Ward said their application process started with contacting Matt Bloom, who works at The Lighthouse. “He’s my best friend at this point,” Ward half-joked.

Ward said Bloom then put them in contact with Leonard Smith, who Ward described as the “custodian boss.” 

“We set up an interview, and it was actually a really fun process,” Ward said.

Ward walked The Mercury through the way their life looks on a day-to-day basis. After waking up at around 7:50 a.m., Ward makes their way to school. “I’m on this completely new routine,” Ward said.

Ward said their new routine is due to the schedule of their school, The Lighthouse. Ward described the alternative school as “an experience.” 

“We have SEL [Social-Emotional Learning] in the morning,” Ward said. “We learn about the psychology of humans and how they act. It’s [a] really weird insight. Then we just go through our four core blocks.”

According to Ward, The Lighthouse, run by Bloom, has around 14 students in attendance. Ward said the Lighthouse is focused on being “more engaging” to make learning easier for students because “everyone works at their own [rate].” 

After finishing their schooling, Ward then goes to BFA for a clay class, before starting their five-hour work shift at 3 p.m. After work, they come home and spend time with family before showering and heading to bed. 

When asked what their role in the community was, Ward said they were unsure how to answer.

“I am so distant from everyone, but at the same time I’m kind of connected,” Ward said. “I want to go to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, and then my life will be complete.”