Veronneau (’23) Looks Back at Bobwhite Hockey Career


Carter Veronneau (’23)

Parker Gagne, Contributor

The Mercury met with Bobwhite hockey senior goaltender Carter Veronneau (‘23) to talk about his senior season and how it was going so far.

Veronneau said he didn’t start playing net until he was nine, and he played in net because it was his turn and enjoyed it, so it started becoming his spot.

Veronneau said he has been playing hockey since he was four years old and can’t remember a winter he didn’t spend at the hockey rink.

He said that he loves playing hockey and added that, “Everything about it, even the random bruises and the dome shots, it’s just been such a big part of my life.  I’ve been working out in the off season specifically for hockey.”

He also spoke about the extra stuff he would do for hockey in the off season like hockey camps, clinics and working out.  He said he does this to get better for the upcoming season, and now there is no more of that, he will miss it.

The Mercury asked him how it was with only four guaranteed games left and his attitude about it.  “[I’m] trying to get the most playing time I can and make the most of it. It’s hard to fathom that after these four games are over, that I won’t strap on my pads and stop another puck in a competitive game. It has always been do this or that to be better for next year, but now there is no next year,” Veronneau said.

When asked about what he would tell the younger guys on the team about being able to look back on his years, Veronneau said,“Don’t waste a practice game or any of it…when people say it goes by fast, it really does…never take it for granted because you will want to have it back when you’re sitting in my seat.”