Champagne Says “Career Technical Education is for Everybody”

Jennifer Champagne
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Rachel Ledoux, Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Champagne is the Special Needs Coordinator at the Northwest Career and Technical Center. In her interview with The Mercury, Champagne said that she provides support for students struggling academically, socially and emotionally as well as coordinating Education Support Services in sending schools. 

Champagne spoke more about her role within the NCTC and what she wants the community to know. 

As a special educator with “special knowledge of how it applies to career education because it’s very different from classes at BFA,” Champagne said she enjoys helping “individuals that struggle.”

Champagne works with students on IEPs, 504s, ESTs and anybody looking for support.

“Special education gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of students and learning abilities and figure out how to access education for everybody,” Champagne said.

Champagne said that the teachers in the tech center connect with their students and are “fantastic about reaching all types of learners.” Champagne loves the wide variety of possibilities that depend on what students make of their experience at NCTC. 

“Students are developing skills in the classroom and then are able to take them out into the labs and actually see what the work looks like hands-on,” Champagne said. 

Champagne added that “The teachers are fantastic about reaching all types of learners,” being really flexible, and creating “a place for everybody in career technical education.” 

When asked about what she wants the community to know, especially if they have a student interested in the NCTC who may need extra support or are unsure about entering a program, Champagne said “career technical education is for everybody.”

Champagne added that “It’s a great opportunity to explore different fields and find out if you like it before you…leave high school. It doesn’t cost you any money, and there’s no obligation. You can check things out, and find out if it’s the right fit for you…so I would love people to…come check it out”

When not providing support for students, Champagne said that she is often running her kids around to different sports events. Champagne said she loves “to hang out with my family, and we like to cross-country ski together.” 

Champagne said she is “here for any student in the tech center whether they’re on a plan or not.” She would like “to be a go-to” for anybody if they need help.