Megan Robitaille: BFA’s New Athletic Trainer

Megan Robitaille

Megan Robitaille

Cooper O'Connell, Editor

This year, Bellows Free Academy welcomes a new athletic trainer: Megan Robitaille. Robitaille graduated from Milton High School in 2004 and is a born-and-raised Vermonter. Robitaille later attended Norwich University for one year before transferring to Castleton University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine. Robitaille is in the process of earning her master’s degree in sports medicine.

When The Mercury asked Robitaille how it is going so far, she said, “Everything is going very well. Since the day I came here, everyone has been very welcoming and excited to have me here. It has been great.”

Robitaille not only attended Milton High School but also worked there. 

“I worked at Milton High School for four years and then at Burlington High School for the fall season before COVID came,” Robitaille said. She added, “I started working full time at Milton Rescue for the COVID response and then went on active duty orders for the Air Force.¨

Robitaille was deployed for three months last summer, and when she returned, she came to BFA.

“This job kind of fell into my lap,” Robitaille said. 

After Robitaille returned from her deployment, she told her husband she missed being an athletic trainer. Later on, Robitaille’s sister-in-law texted her saying that BFA was seeking an athletic trainer. Robitaille began working per diem only during the fall season. When Robitaille discovered BFA was looking for a full-time athletic trainer, she decided to leave the active duty position and work there while also starting up her massage business. 

As she described it, Robitaille’s job is to be an advocate for students.

 “I am here for the prevention and treatment of injuries to all of the athletes both in and out of season so they are able to participate in sports,” Robitaille said.