2023 Franklin County Art Show Opens at the Collins Perley


Photo credit: Madison Gagner

Madison Gagner, Contributor

Inside of the front lobby of the Collins Perley Sports Complex, bulletin boards and tables were decorated with brightly colored artwork made by Franklin County students over the past semester. 

Among the crowd of parents and students were Bellows Free Academy art teachers Karen Yandow and Dee Christie. Both teachers answered questions in an interview with The Mercury.

The Franklin County Art Show has been held at various venues, such as the St. Albans City Hall and the St. Albans Armory, for over 20 years, Christie said. This year, the show features art made by students from St. Albans Town and City schools, as well as Fairfax Elementary school.  

Artwork exhibited includes clay pieces, charcoal and pencil drawings, printed photographs, canvas paintings, sculptures and more. During the opening reception on May 9, the show also included a table with snacks available to guests.  

When asked how pieces are selected to be shown, Yandow said that she tries to sample pieces from each class and tries not to repeat students that have been in previous shows too much. 

“We have a lot of talented students,” Yandow said, adding that she hopes “people see the value in [the show].”

When the pieces are taken down, they will be given back to the students to take home. Although, Yandow said that some students have received offers to buy their pieces in the past. 

Christie said that she hopes people will take away from the show that “Art is essential and it impacts every part of people’s lives, whether they know it or not.”