Langlois Retires from NCTC After 25 Years

Mary Anne Langlois
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Mary Anne Langlois Photo credit:

Rachel Ledoux, Editor

As the semester draws to a close, Northwest Career and Technical Center (NCTC) will be saying goodbye to its Administrative Assistant, Mary Anne Langlois, who is retiring. 

For the past 25 years, Langlois has been a staple at NCTC, contributing to a wide variety of happenings around the Center from organizing field trip transportation, to handling budget requests, to conducting inventory work and beyond. 

“A lot of my job is [completing] duties as assigned,” Langlois said. “[So] you have to know a little bit about everything.”

Langlois shared some of that acquired knowledge with The Mercury, in the form of various lessons she hopes others learn.

“Work hard, never give up and try to learn as much as you can.” She added, “Take [these] lessons and make things better.”

Langlois also noted a piece of her own learned wisdom: everyone learns differently.

When asked about her plans for retirement, Langlois explained that she plans to stay productive.

“I’ll finish up some tasks around the house,” Langlois said. “[And] spend time with friends and family.”

Langlois also noted that, despite the school year winding down, she still has work to do before she can leave.

“[There are] a lot of loose ends to tie up,” Langlois said.

It’s clear, though, that when ends are tied and Langlois is ready to go, she will be greatly missed for her strong commitment and work keeping NCTC running smoothly.

“She’s kind of the backbone of all this,” Joyce Kemp, a retired NCTC teacher, noted.