BFA Students and Staff Experience Eras Tour

Rachel Ledoux, Editor

On Nov. 1, 2022, Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour: an amalgamation of her ten albums to date. For fans, this began a stretch of fighting to secure sought-after tickets, choosing outfits and preparing emotionally for the performance.

Among these fans were several of Bellows Free Academy’s students and faculty members, many of whom attended one of the Foxborough, Mass. concerts at Gillette Stadium on May 19, 20 and 21. Some were also able to attend concerts in other parts of the country, such as Nashville, Tenn.

In a survey sent out by The Mercury, nine attendants shared their pre- and post-concert thoughts. They had various experiences leading up to the concert.

For some of these fans, getting to attend the show(s) was a hard-fought battle. According to Mackenzie Smith (‘25), securing tickets was “the most stressful moment of [her] life.”

Some, however, had an easier experience. English teacher Larissa Hebert noted that her wait time was relatively short and that it was, “Surprisingly, [not] bad.”

No matter their ticket experience, once these students and staff had their admissions, the excitement started to kick in. 

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for this, and I’m so very excited to have gotten the opportunity to go,” Taylor Olds (‘24) said.

When asked what they were most looking forward to, the responses were varied but enthused.

“Everything!” Hebert wrote. She added, “I am going to the show with my best friend, Amy, and our kids, so that is special. I am excited to share the experience with them.”

Some students also expressed enthusiasm for artists opening the show.

“[I’m] really excited to see Phoebe [Bridgers] perform as she is my favorite artist,” Ava Dumont (‘24) said.

Regardless of the cause of respondents’ excitement, however, there was a clear shared impression after the concert. 

As English teacher Wendy Finn put it, “The show was immaculate.”