Vincelette Retires, Ready for Next Chapter in Life

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Cooper O'Connell, Editor

Northwest Career and Technical Center automotive teacher Adam Vincelette will be retiring after 34 years of teaching, 22 of those years being at NCTC.

During retirement, Vincelette said that he plans to work with his family business and take on more shifts at the elder rescue and the fire department. Vincelette also noted that he is looking forward to no more alarm clocks. 

He added, “I want to travel our country [the United States of America], Canada… Alaska, and see all the national parks.” Vincelette also wants to follow the Bruins throughout their season and visit the different arenas.

Aside from future plans, Vinvellete said he accomplished all of his goals while teaching. “ I wanted to be a master technician. I reached that. I wanted to develop a good program that was well-known throughout the state. I believe we’ve met that…” Vincelette said.

When The Mercury asked Vincelette what his greatest achievement was during his 22 years of teaching at NCTC, he said, “I believe [we developed] a very highly recognized automotive program that is well known to all the dealers and…secondary colleges around, so [we have put] out one of the highest-trained [group of] students in the area, or in even in the state.” 

Vincelette said they have sent students to national automotive motorcycle competitions along with to other state competitions. 

“I think one of the greatest achievements is to watch the parents and guardians come in and watch their son or daughter come through the program,” Vincelette said.

Vincelette added that it is going to be tough leaving the shop at NCTC. “The shop we have [is] a very well-equipped shop thanks to Franklin County voters. They provide us with a great shop [and] teaching environment.”

If Vincelette could leave anything behind, he said it would be his drive. “I like to just make sure they’re mentally challenged, and that they are getting a great education and get their dreams,” Vincelette said.