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Taegan Shoram

Taegan Shoram, Writer

Taegan Shoram (‘22) is a new member to the BFA Mercury staff and an up and coming journalist.

Shoram is most proud of making it through her freshman year at BFA, a truly harrowing accomplishment for most students. Freshman year can be a killer for new students.

Shoram’s biggest weakness is her love for ice cream. At the moment, she isn’t sure what her biggest strength is, which leaves her with room to grow and learn.  

Shoram’s favorite classes are her classes that involve art, as her favorite subject is art. When school ends for the day, Shoram takes interest in cheerleading and hockey. When she graduates, Shoram plans to enter into college.

 “I want to go to college, obviously, but I want to go into law school specifically,” said Shoram.

Shoram takes inspiration from her older sister, Morgan, who is also her biggest role model. While Shoram has not taken, nor experienced journalism before, she has high hopes for what the class can teach her. 

“I’m excited to learn how to write news stories,” Shoram said. 

That excitement and willingness to learn gives Shoram a running start into the world of journalism. Though, Shoram had not originally signed up for the class, instead switching in a few days after the class had started.

“At first I was taking Greek and Roman Civics, but I wanted to switch out of that class and the class that sounded the most interesting was Journalism,” Shoram said. 

Shoram has admitted that while she’s excited to learn how to write, personally she’s not the biggest fan of it. 

“I don’t usually like to write,” Shoram said. 

Hopefully Shoram’s time in Journalism will be beneficial by helping her not only achieve her goal of learning how to write finer, but also blossoms a new desire and love of writing for her.  

At the moment she has no story ideas on her mind, but only time will tell what Shoram will accomplish in Journalism and what stories she’ll add to the Mercury. Welcome to Journalism and the Mercury!

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