BFA alumni return


Ben Stoll, Editor

With only a few weeks left until graduation, BFA seniors will be finishing up class credits and community service hours with the hope of walking down the aisle at the Collins Perley Sports Center to receive their diplomas and become BFA alumni.

Everyone, however, knows that part. They know what happens during graduation, but what happens after graduation? What happens to the former senior class?

Students who graduate often either attend college or, alternatively, go straight into the workforce and get a job.  

Francesco Wright (‘15), is an example of a graduated BFA student that is enrolled in college. Wright is currently attending Husson University for his Masters in Business administration and Bachelors in Computer information systems.    

Wright explains that BFA does a great job at preparing you for college, and how you are going to be in a better place thanks to the school’s classes.

“Coming from a small town high school, I honestly had my doubts about how it prepared me for college. But after the first few weeks I learned really fast how the school actually gave me a good lead on a majority of kids. The intensity of the classes, study habits and quality of teachers truly prepared me for this stressful environment. There are a lot of students here that can’t handle doing more than two hours of homework a night, and in college that is average if you’re lucky,” Wright said.

While BFA alumni may owe some of their success to the high school, it can also be seen that leaving it would open many new possibilities.

Phoebe Martell-Crawford (15’), now a student at Skidmore college for Environmental Studies and a minor in Business, is such an example of students feeling free from BFA.

I can finally make my own path in life and don’t have to stick to a strict schedule and do what other people tell me to do. Like in school, learning what they tell me to not what I want to learn,” Martell-Crawford said.

While leaving school to go off into the world may sound scary, BFA alumni still find time to have fun.

“Same as high school. Play video games, hangout with friends, go out to parties, just having a social life. I do have limited free time though due to being involved in sports. Sports take up a lot more time in college than in high school,” Wright said.

While seniors of BFA may stress about how they will handle themselves in the real world, the alumni hope to shed some life about what life after high school is like.  

“Get involved as much as you can. It is challenging to make friends in college if you don’t try. Either get really involved in your classes, sports or clubs. Go out to school events and socialize. The beginning few weeks of college can be really lonely if you don’t make an effort to meet new people,” Wright said.