A new pre-tech explorer

A new pre-tech explorer

Jasper Johnson, Writer

The BFA Mercury interviewed Jacob Holzberg-Pill, a new member to the BFA/NWTC staff, who teaches pre-tech exploration in the Northwest Technical Center. The Mercury’s first question for Holzberg-Pill was how he was liking the school and community so far.

“It’s great, people are really friendly,” Holzberg-Pill said.

You may be wondering what happens in “Pre-Tech Exploration” and who can be a part of the class. Holzberg-Pill explained that the Tech student population is mostly 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, and that Pre-Tech is for 9th and 10th graders, so it is an opportunity for younger students to take some classes at the Tech Center.

The program looks to be very diverse and it isn’t just one thing, which makes it interesting for the participants. He also explained that “exploration” means that students are exposed to multiple programs.

“For example, here at the Tech Center we have medical services, and so as part of the Pre-Tech Exploratory program we will have a wilderness first aid class. We have a culinary program, and part of the Pre-Tech Exploratory program, we’re gonna do beekeeping; we’re gonna do maple syrup; we’re gonna do cheese making, apple cider vinegar, pickles, jam,” Holzberg-Pill said.

Holzberg-Pill was asked to describe himself in three words. He thought for a moment and responded.

“Jalapeno. Jubilant. Joking,” Holzberg-Pill said.  “It starts with the letter J, like my name. [Jacob] There’s not a lot of produce that starts with the letter J.”

“Aquamarine,” Holzberg-Pill said when asked if he were a part of the crayon box what color would he be and why; “It can be part of the land [and] it can be part of the water. It’s a very pleasing color.”

Holzberg-Pill is an outdoorsy type of person and he dislikes being stuck in a classroom.

“People told me I should teach. I like introducing people to things that are exciting, and it’s just more fun to be outside, so I’d rather have a better class and take my students outside,” Holzberg-Pill said.

His educational background has some heavyweight names involved.

“I went to Brandeis University, which is outside Boston.  I also went to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which is also outside of Boston. And I went to the Yale Graduate School of Forestry and Environmental Studies,” Holzberg-Pill said.

He is very enthusiastic and optimistic about the Tech Center.

“I think it’s exciting, we have more freedom, and the focus is on more hands on learning,” Holzberg-Pill said.

Holzberg-Pill is a fun, outdoor loving person who likes to learn (and teach) hands on. The Mercury welcomes Mr. Holzberg-Pill and hopes he will have a great year.