Pricing problems at prom


Grace Bates, Writer

Prom is always a very exciting time for BFA juniors and seniors, but not everyone is impressed by the cost of the prom tickets themselves.

The 2018 version of the prom will take place May 5, at UVM’s Davis Center.

With a variety of students already spending money on dresses and tuxes, they prefer tickets to be at a cheaper rate, rather than 35 dollars.

This year, Mrs. Rico and Mrs. Parent are the faculty advisors, with the vice president being Ethan Shannon (‘19) and no current president because the student moved to another school.

According to; “Teens in the Northeast, spend the most on prom, an average of $699.56, compared to $625 in the West, $619 in the South and  $610 in the Midwest, according to the survey of 1,700 people.”

“Tickets are way too expensive, they should be 10-15 dollars because you have to pay for so much more,” Nate Parady (‘18) said.

Although the price of prom tickets is seen as expensive to some people, there are reasons behind the price.

Dan Gregory (‘18) was involved in the process of running prom last year, and was one of the members who helped arrange the price of tickets.

“We do as much fundraising as we can. We start off with a budget filled up from fundraisers freshman and sophomore year and you take all that money to pay for what you can right off and then you do the math for all of the decorations and stuff and basically pay for everything with a credit card. Then you estimate the number of people going and sell tickets based on the money you need to pay back,” Gregory said.

Freshmen are willing to help fundraise, but they wouldn’t ask a lot of people to donate money. They would do the bare minimum, only asking people they knew. So, the freshman are setting themselves up for paying more money in the future

“I probably would, but I wouldn’t go to a lot of people. I’d go to people I know well,” Dylan White (‘21) said.

Prom is a big event, and people who aren’t on the prom committee don’t really know just how much money goes into it.

“It was close to 5,000 dollars last year,” Gregory said.

With spending close to 5,000 dollars [in 2017], and having a small amount of people participating in fundraising, the prom ticket prices are going to be higher.

“They [students] just saw the prices, and then they got angry,” Gregory said.

People may be upset with the ticket prices, but they need to be that price to pay off all expenses involved.

People want the prices to be lower, but without a lot of fundraising it’s not possible.

“I do think they’re pretty expensive, 35 dollars is kind of a lot for high school kids,” Robert Gamache (‘20) said.

This year, prom will be held at the Davis Center in Burlington, which is a new place that BFA prom hasn’t yet been.

Although some people dislike the price of prom tickets, many people don’t mind it, and understand why tickets are held at that price.

“I am honestly fine with it [the price] mainly because it’s like a really big event, and frankly I’m surprised they don’t cost more. We are getting food, like there’s catering. It does not stop me from wanting to go to prom,” Zach Boudreau (‘18) said.

When asked if the cost of prom tickets was too expensive, Ben Stoll (‘18) responded with;

“No, because the cost of prom is really up there, to set up the venue and all the food, it’s like thirty dollars isn’t that bad,” Stoll said.

No matter what plans are made, there are always going to be those who don’t like this or that aspect of any school activity.  The 2018 version slated for May, at UVM, is moving forward.

There are real ways to have cheaper tickets, but they come at a cost to the experience itself.

“If you really want to save money you could do what they did 20 years ago and have prom in the gym,” Gregory said.