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Grace Bates

Grace Bates, Writer

Grace Bates (‘18) is eager to graduate and continue her education.

Bates lives at home with her mother, Stacy, and father, Rene, and has an older sister who is a sophomore at the University of Vermont (UVM), studying Film and English. Her sister, Kailey (‘16), also attended BFA.

Bates plans on getting her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

“I’m very interested in the mind and I just want to spend my life helping people get better and making a change in people’s lives,” Bates said.

Going to BFA has benefitted Bates, as she has taken classes that fueled her passions.

When talking about some of her favorite classes at the school, she mentioned the psychology course.

“Because [psychology is] all about the mind and how it works and why we think certain ways. I’ve also enjoyed philosophy because it questions life and I question why I’m here a lot, and question life and what the meaning of it all is,” Bates said.

Some of the most important things to Bates are her family, friends, education and health. Her friends and family are there for her, support her and cheer her up when she needs them to.

Her health remains an important factor on what she focuses on in her life.

“I want to stay healthy, I want to live a long life, and I want to be strong,” Bates said.

When it comes to psychology and philosophy, she values her education, and works hard to learn more each and every day.

“I feel like without an education, you can’t get very far in life,” Bates said.

Bates’ values for what’s important to her in her life stay true, when asked what she would save if her house was burning down, assuming the rest of her family was safe. She decides to save many items that remind her of her family and home life.

“I would save my dog, obviously, and probably this monkey my mom gave me when I was three years old, I’ve had it ever since then. Just to remind me of my mom,” Bates said.

Her family plays a large role in her life, and teaches her lessons that school couldn’t normally teach her. One of the people she considers one of her biggest role models in her life, is her father, Rene Bates.

“He has taught me everything I know. He has taught me ethics and morals and values,” Bates said.

For Bates, learning never stops. She learns new lessons in life every single day, whether it be in school, around her family, and by living her own life. She feels that it’s important to better oneself everyday, and to treat each other with respect.

Bates describes a lesson she has learned and wants others to know as well.

“Never give up and to keep trying. Keep going and when things get hard, just keep pushing through even if you want to stop, because it will probably be worth it in the end,” Bates said.

All content by Grace Bates
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Grace Bates, Writer
February 16, 2018
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