Awarding the Volunteers of America

Awarding the Volunteers of America

Dylan Lamson, Writer

Volunteer work is a quintessential part of the high school experience and can do more for students than most expect. The Prudential Spirit of Community Award is an excellent opportunity for students to gain money towards college and add to their resumes. 

Acquired through completing extensive volunteer work, this award helps students across the nation with furthering themselves going into higher education. The award winners will be announced on February 4, 2020 and will entail a multitude of awards, from certificates to scholarship like awards.

Guidance Counselor Stephanie Hodgeman helps students with college scholarships and awards and has additionally assisted students with applying for the Prudential Award.

“[The award] is a great opportunity because what we see a lot of is scholarships and awards only given to academic achievement… This really awards people who help in their community, outside of the school atmosphere,” Hodgeman said.

Although applications to the award are only require a few hours of volunteer service, it is recommended to gain more than the school’s minimum volunteer hours.

“People should be reluctant to apply if they have the bare minimum of volunteer work. The awards are really for people who go above and beyond the normal and do exceptional work for their community,” Hodgeman said.

Morals are really what the award is about. It is an attempt to reach the students who may have not succeeded as much academically, but have prevailed above others in helping their community.

“It is really an award that I applaud. It is important for students to really realize that community isn’t all about education, if anything getting involved can be one of the key points of broadening a community into being a great, friendly place,” Hodgeman said.

The award is available for 2000 students, 1000 for middle school and the other half being for high school. There are both state and national awards that can range in the amount given. When the award is given, students can show this to their colleges, which can be a significant piece of the application process.

Applications can start as soon as that years awards are done (February 5). The application requires proof of volunteer service and can be completed by all students.