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Dylan Lamson

Dylan Lamson, Writer

Aspiring engineer and senior, Dylan Lamson (‘20) is a sociable new addition to the Mercury team.

Journalism may not have been his first choice, but Lamson’s interest in politics drove him to continue with the class.

“At first I was put in the class schedule wise, but I stayed in the class because I had schedule changes because I thought it was interesting. I really enjoy politics so you know, journalism kind of works hand-in-hand with that,” Lamson said.

While journalism may not be Lamson’s passion, the study of history is, with AP Gov. landing the spot as his favorite class.

“So far I'm really enjoying AP Gov., I mean it’s Mr. Moore, you get him going on a rant and you’re going to have a fun class,” Lamson said.

Outside of school Lamson often enjoys ribs, his favorite food, and even outside of the classroom his interest in history doesn’t fade, as well as his joy of playing lacrosse.

“I’ve gotten big into ribs lately, we have a smoker and take full advantage of that…. One of my biggest (hobbies) is probably lacrosse, I enjoy that, also studying history, I’m a big history buff so that’s one of my favorite things to do,” Lamson said.

After his education Lamson wishes to be able to slow down with life, and take time for life at home.

“As long as I’m happy… in 10 years I’d probably hope to be more settled down. Starting a life instead of being out and about looking for jobs. I’m a homebody,” Lamson said.

While some may say history is boring, and that wanting to settle down after college is even more lackluster, but Lamson’s life is not without excitement, his current job has proven to be quite interesting.

“I’d say my current job at Bob’s Meat Market (is interesting) because my boss is a little bit of a goon. It’s not one individual experience, but over the year I’ve been there, it's always been interesting,” Lamson said.

 At his core, Lamson believes his sense of humor and social knowledge are the qualities that make him who he is.

“I’ve been told I have a pretty good sense of humor… my whole life I’ve been in constant conversations with adults, so I’ve always sort of had a knowledge of communication,” Lamson said.

Through his love for history, ribs, lacrosse, and his job, Lamson wants readers to realize that if anything, he is approachable.

“I try to be open towards anyone, if you want to make a friend I’d always be down,” Lamson said.

All content by Dylan Lamson