An Elegant Evening-BFA’s 2022 Prom


From left: Rachel Needleman (’22), Georgia Casavant (’22), Carly Charron (’22) and Ashley Seymour (’22). Photo credit: Haley Seymour (’19)

Rachel Ledoux, Writer

Last year, Bellows Free Academy upperclassmen attended a more casual prom at the Collins Perley Complex. This year, for the first time in three years, BFA upperclassmen were able to have a traditional prom experience. 

From 7-10 p.m. on May 14, part of the Hilton Burlington Waterfront was transformed into a classy prom space, complete with refreshment tables and a dance floor.

As William Westen, BFA’s School Safety Officer put it, prom was, “A very elegant evening.”

Students enjoyed a playlist of popular songs from a DJ, as well as cupcakes, cake pops and drinks.

There were also several photographers at the event, so students were able to get their pictures taken and take some of their own in front of backdrops.

There was also an outdoor balcony space, where students played Jenga, cornhole and other lawn games.

According to Benjamin Birnbaum (’23), “The coolest people at prom [hung] out outside.”

The event was met with lots of positive feedback from students and chaperones alike. Many students felt that prom was a great opportunity to relax after a stressful few years.

“[Prom] was a nice change of pace after Covid,” Asher Ballantine (‘23) said.

Reese Holsopple (‘24), Ballantine’s date, added, “And [after AP] exam week.”

Other students noted having a more positive experience with prom than with past school events.

“Unlike Spring Fling, I actually [had] a good time,” Jakob Birnbaum (‘23) said.

This favoritism of prom was supported by Assistant Principal Heather Fitzgibbons.

“Prom is, without a doubt, my favorite event of the year,” Fitzgibbons said. She added, “I especially love seeing all the fashions.”

Similarly, Principal Brett Blanchard expressed an appreciation for students’ outfits in a Twitter post made about the event.

“370 kids looking great and having a blast at BFAs prom,” Blanchard wrote.

Some students expressed a bit of anxiety at the event but thought it was fun regardless.

“I’m [so] anxious,” Lydia Tomlinson (‘23) said. “But all the hot chicks are here, and I love it.”

Prom was put on by the Junior class Student Council, headed by Jennifer Parent. According to Parent, the success of the event was due to the hard work of the group to make it happen.

“They [were] amazing at organizing, following through with tasks, making lists and pulling things together,” Parent wrote on Facebook.  She added, “They [were] simply lovely to work with.”

The most common piece of feedback for the night, aside from fashion, was an appreciation of the fun students were having.

“It was exciting getting to see everyone get up and dance, take off the masks and just have a good time,” BFA health teacher and event chaperone, Justin Zabroksy, said.