A Night Under the Stars: BFA’s 2023 Prom


From left Michael Voss (´24), Sophia Williams (´24), Quinn Stanley (´24), Jessica Southwick (´24) and Rachel Ledoux (´24). Photo credit: Leeza Kusmit (’24)

Rachel Ledoux, Editor

Prom marks one of the final fun events of the year for many students and is consistently a spectacle. This year, the tradition continued for BFA upperclassmen and their guests. 

From 7-10 p.m. on May 13, part of the Hilton Doubletree Inn was transformed into a classy prom space, complete with refreshment tables and a dance floor.

The Emerald Ballroom held most of the event, while the connected hallway hosted additional refreshments and a photo booth. The decorations were subtly tied to the evening’s theme, ¨Under the Stars,¨ with stars projected on the ceiling and basic table toppers.

According to Ava Dumont (‘24), who worked to plan the prom with the Junior Student Council, subtlety was the goal.

“We wanted it to be simple,” Dumont said.

For some students, that was a positive.

“The venue looks pretty cool,” Lily Foisy (‘24) said.

However, the more simplistic theme wasn’t popular among all students. As one sophomore, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed, “I was expecting a lot more. It was just not as good as a lot of the dances were.”

Several students also noted their criticisms of the evening’s music.

“The cool songs only happened, like, two hours in,” Jillian Koval (‘24) said.

Paxton Getty (‘24) added, “I wish there were more slow songs.”

And some students mentioned the lack of outdoor space this year as a deterrent.

“The lack of lawn games was disappointing,” Jakob Birnbaum (‘23) said. 

Despite some constructive criticism, though, the event seemed to be viewed as a success.

“It came out beautiful,” Alisa Aylward, head of the Junior Student Council, said. “All the prom goers look amazing.”

These views were corroborated by students, as well.

“[Prom has] been a wonderful experience that will be remembered for a lifetime,” Michael Vos (‘24) said.

Penelope Noza (‘24), Vos’s date, added, “Prom has been magical.”