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Drew Pettengill

Drew Pettengill, Writer

Drew Pettengill, a Georgia, Vermont native and a senior at BFA, has taken to the class as an experimentation for experience and a potential hobby. He lived in Georgia, Vermont for all of his life.

“I’ve lived on the property that I currently live on all my life. While we were building the house that I currently live in, we were living in a trailer, I believe,” Pettengill said.

Out of millions of hobbies, there are a few Pettengill admits to liking.

“My hobbies include, reading and writing and sleeping, biking and videogames. I would say my favorite would have to be either biking or playing video games because they can both keep me preoccupied and sort of lets me experience new things in different contexts of real life and [fiction],” Pettengill said.

Pettengill has very few siblings to interact with.

“I have one older brother; his name is Corey. He is almost 21…  He currently goes to UVM, University of Vermont,” Pettengill said.

Pettengill admits to having no specific person as a role model, or a person of inspiration.

“I guess the real inspiration in my life comes from not a single person, and is more based off of what I’ve seen, read, heard… Just based entirely off of my experiences because that’s what shapes me to who I am,” Pettengill said.

Pettengill’s plan for getting out of high school is surprisingly different that what many students typically go for.

“My current plan right now is after I get out of high school, I want to start an apprenticeship to become an electrician. The reason why is because electricians make quite a bit of money and it helps my parents so they don’t have to worry about paying a college tuition since the apprenticeship is usually paid for by the company that you are doing the apprenticeship for,” Pettengill said.

When contemplating a place to live, there is two factors that comes to Pettengill’s decision: culture and natural beauty.

“Really [my ideal vacation place is] anywhere in the world but if I get specific, I’d say Germany- preferably near the Alps because it’s a beautiful place and it’s all naturalistic or Japan because Japanese culture is interesting and I’m a sucker for a sunset over Mount Fuji. Or just where I normally go to vacation which is in South Carolina, which is pretty nice,” Pettengill said.

Pettengill’s color choosing marks him as a calm, laid back student.

“I’d probably be either a purple or a dark blue because those are rather calming colors… but I like the calming colors,” Pettengill said.

Pettengill showed his unique sense of humor when he says, “I would probably be a cat because they’re lazy and sleep ⅔ of their life or whatever the statistic is or a bird because birds can fly and I’m kinda jealous of that.”

All content by Drew Pettengill

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