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Eros Bouley-Swedo

Eros Bouley-Swedo, Writer

BFA has a lot of different things to offer, including a diverse group of individuals. One of these individuals is named Eros Bouley-Swedo. Bouley-Swedo is 17 year old senior at BFA from Saint Albans Town Educational Center (SATEC).

Bouley-Swedo lives and has lived in Saint Albans previously, hence his reasoning for going to SATEC and attending BFA following his graduation from the middle school.

“I didn’t really get a choice in the matter as I was born in Saint Albans and that’s where I went to school. You don’t really get a school choice in that situation,” Bouley-Swedo said.

Coming to BFA, Bouley-Swedo has gotten to explore his likes and dislikes, football being a very a key part in his current life. Bouley-Swedo has participated in BFA football, participating in the Saint.Albans Steeler football team before high school. His first year playing football with a team began in fifth grade.

Football is his main ― and mostly only ― after-school activity that he is involved in.

Another hobby of his also involves physical movement; working out. He greatly enjoys working out at the gym when he is not playing football.

When it’s not football season, Bouley-Swedo continues to practice and play football during his leisure time.

“I spend my free time working out or practicing football drills,” Bouley-Swedo said.

Aside from football, Bouley-Swedo likes many other things including video games, working out and swimming, just to name a few.

During school on the other hand, he enjoys history the most out of all of his classes. Bouley-Swedo, just like many others, enjoys learning about different countries’ past and how today’s America came to be.

“I like history, I’d say. It really interests me to learn about the past,” Bouley-Swedo said.

Journalism, on the first day of the semester, was only a class that was put in to be a filler, but he thinks the class so far is a great experience.

“At first, it was just kind of put in there but after a couple days, it seems kind of cool,” Bouley-Swedo said.

In the future, he has ambitions of being in the military. To prepare himself, he wants to go to Norwich University in Vermont and train in the Cadet program.

“After high school, I want to go to Norwich University and train in the cadet program to become a CO in the military,” Bouley-Swedo said.

On the topic of being in the military, Bouley-Swedo believes that everyone in the US should enroll in the military for at least a two year term.

Protecting the country is important to Bouley-Swedo, hence why he wants to join the military and become a commanding officer.

“I think people should serve a minimum term of two years in the military. I believe everyone has a duty to help protect this country at some point in their life,” Bouley-Swedo said.

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