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Haley Seymour

Haley Seymour, Co-Editor

Bellows Free Academy senior Haley Seymour wants to be a journalist professionally.

“My biggest plan is to go to college for journalism or communications and then have a job in [that career],” Seymour said.

After asking what she would like to report on in her career, she expressed interest in almost all categories.

“I’m pretty much open to everything but sports and politics because as much as I have my own opinions on politics and such, I might not always know everything about it. I really like opinion articles, I really like features and news, and environmental ones,” Seymour said.

Seymour also explained where her love of journalism originated from.

“I [have] loved writing [ever] since I was little. I had teachers in school who told me I wasn’t gonna be able to be an author, and I would still like to do something similar in the future, but I researched journalism and I fell in love with it. I would like to work in journalism and do creative writing on the side,” Seymour said.

She has always had a passion for writing, and would like to extend that to her career.

“[If I couldn’t be a journalist,] I’d probably major in education and be an English teacher or something,” Seymour said.

She described herself as a very friendly person with a warm personality.

“I like to consider myself a happy and welcoming person. I joke a lot,” laughs. “I hope that when people see me they see me as someone they feel comfortable with even if they don’t know me that well or that they can trust me,” Seymour said.

When asked about her best quality, she let her humorous side show through.

“I can’t think of a personality sort of thing, but I’m always early to everything. If I’m ever late, I am so upset about it and I always get to places like half an hour early even if I’m not supposed to be there that early and it’s kind of embarrassing,” Seymour said.

Seymour’s role models are close to her in her life.

“Pretty much all my family [are my role models], like my parents and my grandparents because they taught me to be open and honest,” said Seymour.

She has creative and artistic interests.

“I love writing and music, that sums me up completely. I play violin, viola, and guitar sometimes, those really entertain me a lot. I also love creative writing and journalism,” said Seymour.

Seymour is already confident what a day in her life in ten years would look like.

“I hope that in 10 years I am settled down with a husband, maybe with 1 kid so far because I want to have 2, and then I’m hoping to work as a journalist from home,” said Seymour.

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Haley Seymour