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Isaiah Cline
I interviewed Isaiah Cline on Thursday, September 6th.

When we had our interview I had asked a couple of questions about himself, to get to know him better. He is a senior here at BFA St. Albans. Being a senior, some advice that he gave me was to put in the extra work and time to your education.

In his own words he said “I mean really, when it all comes down to it you got to put in the hard work, and the hours into the time with homework and classes and all that”.

Isaiah is 18 years old. Isaiah is a very adventurous person who enjoys hanging out with friends and being active. He says “I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with my friends and going to do adventurous stuff. So like cliff jumping would be one of my favorite things to be doing”.

Isaiah explains that his favorite season is the summer. He enjoys the break from school, to be able to hang out with whoever, and more time to go and explore. “It’s the time to go hang out with friends, and it is also time that you have off from school, so more work time, more time to have fun, and more adventures.”

He plays sports as well, which are basketball and track. Before Isaiah came to BFA he used to live in New Mexico.


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Isaiah Cline